• Devil's Harvest | Extra Pale Ale

    This extra pale ale uses rich Munich malt to balance out the four hop additions. With a full mouth feel and bold aroma, Devil's Harvest is a flavorful hop bomb.

    ABV: 5.8%
    IBUs: 60
    AVAILABILITY: Year round on draft and in 16oz 4-packs.
  • Suzy B | Dirty Blonde Ale

    An easy drinker, yet full of flavor, our unfiltered ale is perfect for any occasion. This dirty blonde has a nice malt backbone and a balanced bitterness, set apart by its pleasant hop aroma from our hop back.

    ABV: 5.0%
    IBUs: 20
    AVAILABILITY: Year round on draft and in 16oz 4-packs.
  • Mississippi Fire Ant | Imperial Red Ale

    This imperial red ale has a huge malt presence only to be out shined by its hop additions. Dark mahogany red with a nice fluffy head, Fire Ant showcases roasted and toasted caramel notes layered between spicy, herbal and fruity hops.

    ABV: 8.0%
    IBUs: 80
    AVAILABILITY: Year round on draft and in 16oz 4-packs.
  • Jack the Sipper | English ESB

    Southern Prohibition’s ESB, Jack the Sipper, utilizes traditional ingredients for a flavorful yet balanced harmony of 100% English hops and English malts. Manageable ABV along with rich toasty and fruity flavors allows the victim to sip on multiple pints for a true UK experience down South.

    ABV: 5.3%
    IBUs: 45
    ORIGINAL GRAVITY: 13.6 Plato
    AVAILABILITY: Year round on draft and eventually 12oz 6-packs.
  • Barley Legal | Barrel Aged Engish style Barleywine Ale

    Barleywines are one of the strongest and most intense styles of ale available. Barley Legal is Southern Prohibition Brewing’s English style Barleywine Ale and the first of its kind. It is Mississippi’s first barleywine and Southern Prohibition’s first beer in our barrel series. It is also the first beer we’ve brewed with intentions of selling in our home state but were unable to due to our current alcohol by volume cap (10.2% ABV). Aged in both bourbon and rye whiskey barrels then blended, this beautiful beer crosses state lines in our hand stamped, hand labeled and individually waxed bottles. Whether you consume now or lay it down for aging, we hope you enjoy this flavorful ale as much as we do.

    ABV: 11.4%
    IBUs: 55
    ORIGINAL GRAVITY: 20.4 Plato
    AVAILABILITY: Limited edition release; only 1,000 22oz bombers available in the state of Louisiana only.
  • Răgana | Baltic Porter

    Baltic Porters were originally brewed for the long trip from England to the Baltic region. Răgana (Lithuanian for witch) is deep, dark and full of complex flavors. Full bodied with chocolate, coffee and a slight smokiness, English hops round out this wicked ale, adding a clean finish thanks to a colder fermentation.

    ABV: 7.3%
    IBUs: 30
    ORIGINAL GRAVITY: 18.7 Plato
    AVAILABILITY: Limited seasonal availability.
  • Cicada Series | Seasonal Offerings

    Named after Mississippi's favorite invasive species, our seasonal offerings will cycle as the seasons change. We want to make all of our offerings, whether it's a one-off or a three month seasonal, more readily available to you. Look for our new cans!

  • 2014 IPA | Dry Hopped IPA | part of the Cicada Series

    Our 2014 IPA is a West Coast inspired American IPA. Aggressive American hops are showcased in the flavor and aroma of this interpretation. A full body coats the mouth with sticky fruit flavors followed by a punch of hop aroma thanks to extensive dry hopping.

    ABV: 7.5%
    IBUs: 72
    ORIGINAL GRAVITY: 17.5 Plato
    AVAILABILITY: Like the name suggests, 2014 IPA will only be available this season on draft and in 16oz 4-packs.
  • Hipster Breakfast | Oatmeal Stout | part of the Cicada Series

    Our Oatmeal Stout takes advantage of the silkiness oats provide for a beer. Layered between roasted and chocolate malts, this full-bodied, full-flavored stout is pitch black with a tan head. Earthy English hops round out the sweetness and create a dark concoction to be enjoyed day or night.

    ABV: 5.8%
    IBUs: 40
    ORIGINAL GRAVITY: 15.7 Plato
    AVAILABILITY: Fall/Winter seasons on draft and 16oz 4-packs. (or until it's not cool anymore).