Lab Tech

Southern Prohibition Brewing is looking for an experienced Lab Tech to work part-time within and grow our lab and grow company guidelines to manage quality systems and assure that the beer we produce meets our unyielding high standards.



• Perform quality assurance testing on raw materials (e.g., packaging materials, ingredients, etc.)

• Collect samples from the brewery at various stages in the brewing process

• Perform chemical and microbial analyses of water, wort, yeast, beer, and brewery environment

• Maintain an orderly laboratory environment and accurate data documentation

• Maintain and calibrate analytical equipment

• Maintain beer library

• Gather and analyze data, and prepare reports relating data to brewing process

• Work with all brewery departments to ensure consistent, high-quality product and efficient release of packaged beer

• Communicate with brewery personnel and management regarding quality control issues

• Promote and advocate for continuous quality and safety improvement

• Assist with sensory analysis and special projects

• Step in as needed in other departments


• Experience in a production laboratory environment is a plus

• Proficient with database, word processing, and spreadsheet software

• Familiar with or interested in learning the entire brewing process, from grain to glass

• Familiar with general laboratory instruments and techniques (e.g., pH meter, spectrophotometer, light microscope, densitometer, serial dilutions, pipetting, aseptic technique, etc.)

• Familiar with good manufacturing, laboratory, and documentation practices

• Ability to work safely with hazardous chemicals

• Ability to work safely in a wet, noisy, non-temperature controlled environment

• Ability to work safely in confined spaces and around complex machinery

• Ability to stoop, squat, kneel, and crawl for purposes of collecting samples, gathering data, and cleaning



• Have a Bachelor’s degree in natural sciences (e.g., microbiology, biochemistry, food science, etc.) or equivalent experience

• Be passionate about quality craft beer

• Maintain a positive working environment

• Have fine attention to detail

• Be able to work independently on multiple projects at one time

• Be focused on meeting production, quality, and safety standards

• Be willing to learn and be part of a dynamic, growing team

• Be self-motivated and willing to take initiative in a new department of a growing company

• Be prepared to take on exciting challenges


To Apply for a position with Southern Prohibition Brewing, please email your cover letter and resume to