• The Floaties Are All Right

    We’ve had a few comments come our way about “floaties” in our hoppy beers, and we figured it was time to explain.

    For people who don’t care for a bunch technical mumbo jumbo:

    They are safe and only ascetic. They do not effect the flavor or aroma of the beer.

    Check the born on date on the bottom of the can. IPAs should be consumed fresh, so the 5 month old IPA that’s been sitting in, beside, or on top of your beer fridge in the carport is not going to be as good as a 2 day old or 2 month old IPA.

    So, these white specs drifting harmlessly around in your freshly poured Crowd Control Imperial IPA, kicking you in the face with sweet mango and sex and magic… What are they?

    It begins with the fact that we are pushing the limits of our ingredients and processes to put more and more non-kettle hops in our beers, which lends to more hop oils in our IPAs. These heavy dry-hopping sessions are great for flavor and aroma, but they are not great for clear beer. All beer here at Southern Prohibition use only time and temperature for filtrations rather than external filtration equipment or additives. For many of our beers, this process of natural filtration is enough to get very clear beer in the can. For the heavily dry-hopped, the hop oils are left in suspension, sometimes with yeast and lingering proteins. Some breweries filter this out, which is totally respectable, but it’s just not our way of doing things. We like the flavor and complexity that accompanies the live, unfiltered beer.  

    As our live beer sits in its package for a few weeks, all of that hop oil begins to clump together with the yeast sediment and lingering protein in your can of Crowd Control, occasionally causing floaties that freak you out. And you know what guys, it’s ok to be freaked out by stuff. (I stare at the sky sometimes at night, and think about aliens… and I’m freaked out because I don’t know the answer.) Proudly we boast that Southern Prohibition is doing some stuff in the beer industry that most of us here in the Southeast are not accustomed to, so never hesitate to reach out or visit our taproom and ask us questions about beers and beer styles.

    We can’t promise that we will always please your specific taste for beer, but we can tell you this—we have extensive QC and QA going on at our brewery and will not ship out or pour a beer that is infected or wrong in any way. Your hard earned money spent on our hard work is always appreciated and respected. Every batch of our beer goes through a barrage of lab tests, and every question or concern that has ever come back to our brewery about a beer has been taken seriously.


    Drink fresh IPAs. The floaties are alright. We love you very much.

    Team SoPro

  • Paradise Lost Double Dry-Hop IPA: Limited Draft Supply

    Deep golden and opaque, Paradise Lost is our hoppiest beer to date. Massive tropical fruit and pine aromas escape the top of the glass thanks to the dose of Lupulin powder and a heavy handed double dry-hop. Clinging to the flaked oats like a life preserver, hop oils remain in suspension creating full flavors of peach, mango and pineapple. This is a beer celebrating our fondness of hops and how we utilize them, and like all IPAs it is meant to be drank fresh.

    Draft only and limited availability in Southern Prohibition's footprint.

    Devil’s Harvest Breakfast IPA, Crowd Control Imperial IPA, 2017 IPA (DRAFT ONLY) and Paradise Lost Double Dry-Hopped IPA (DRAFT ONLY) – Southern Prohibition is dry-hopping the South for people who crave it.

  • It's March 1st, and we haven't said a word about 2017 IPA?

    2014, 2015, 2016 and now 2017. Four years of four very different, superb India Pale Ales. We won't get all starry-eyed, reminiscing of IPAs gone by.. yet. SoPro is looking to the future, and the future is now.. sort of. This weekend we are releasing a draft only, single batch to send out to our magnificent, day one fans found right here in South Mississippi. This Summer you will all be seeing the 2017 16 ounce 4 packs hitting the shleves throughout our markets. 

    So what is 2017 IPA? Here it is from the mouth of our head brewer, Mr. Benjamin Green:

    “2017 IPA is a murky, golden hop bomb. Strong pine and citrus aroma, with pineapple and peach dominating the nose thanks to the large dosage of Centennial and Denali hops. Flavors of pine, grapefruit dankness and tropical fruit are surrounded by a moderate bitterness with a clean finish. Heavier than Devil’s and lighter than Crowd Control on the mouth feel, this year’s IPA is sticky yet refreshing. ABV clocks in at 6.2%"

    Find it around Hattiesburg this weekend and early next week!


    Keg and Barrel (in time for that Crawfish Boil this weekend!)

    Glory Bound Gyro Co.

    The Mahogany Bar

    The Porter

    The Thirsty Hippo


    Growler Fill:

    The Brew Kettle

    Hub City Beers


    Taps & Crafts


    (List will update)


    And of course, come visit us at the source by taking tour of the brewery and giving it a taste.

    SoPro Taproom

    301 Mobile Street

    Hattiesburg, MS 39401

    Thursday and Friday 5-9 PM

    Saturday 1-5 PM


    Happy hunting, our dear friends. May your IPAs be fresh and your year be as good as it can be.


    Team SoPro

  • Devil's Harvest Breakfast IPA: A New Beer in 2016. A New Look in 2017.

    By our own choosing, Devil's Harvest went through a period of vast changes in 2016. With access to exciting, new hops and a general drive to make things better, we embarked on this journey to take a brand we've had in our portfolio day one of Southern Prohibition, from good to great. I'd like would like to take a moment to answer some questions we've had about this beer:

    1) "My beer is cloudy, it's hazy, it's not aesthetically pleasing. Is something wrong with it?" 
    This is no accident. Devil's Harvest has entered the realm of East Coast "juicy" IPAs. While we have great respect for tradition and style guidelines, this "new" variation of IPA is very different from West Coast clear, bitter, and piney IPAs. 
    2) "What's the cloudiness from?" 
    It is from a portion of flaked oats in the grain bill, hop haze from the massive amount of dry hop, and from a small amount of lingering yeast -- all leading to a very aromatic, fruity, and cloudy IPA with no bitterness. These beers, like any IPA, are designed for fresh consumption.
    3) "Are all your beers from Southern Prohibition going to become this hazy?" 
    4) "Devil's Harvest has changed since it's changed. Can you change it back?" 
    This beer has been worked on for several months, batch to batch, and is to a point now where the preferred our consumer's price point and our end goal of flavor and aroma are in unison.
    5) "Are you going to rebrand Devil's Harvest with the new flavor?" 
    The big change in the product has taken us to rebranding the image and style, and we are extremely happy to share it with you. You'll be seeing this bad boy on the shelf in March this year. This beer is an East Coast IPA now -- and with the flaked oats, low ABV and orange juice appearance, Breakfast was a fun word to add. We now introduce to you Devil's Harvest Breakfast IPA instead of the American Pale Ale it once was.
    If you haven't had a Devil's Harvest in a while, grab one up. We are always improving, always learning and always making great beer and giving you something to look forward to from us at Southern Prohibition. Hope you like it and the new can.
    Thanks to everyone who has been on this ride, and thanks for the support as we rebuild and rebrand Devil's Harvest and make our brewery even bigger and better in 2017.
    Benjamin Green (Head Brewer) and the SoPro Team

    P.S. We are working on a very limited double dry-hopped IPA called Paradise Lost, but that's a different story.