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  • Four Years Yesterday

    Yesterday (oops) marked 4 years since Southern Prohibition Brewing released Suzy B and Devil's Harvest Draft to 14 accounts here in Hattiesburg. Today, Southern Prohibition has released 32 beers per Beer Advocate and 104 distinct beers per Untappd. We could count, but we like letting you guys do that for us. We have grown from those 14 draft accounts in our hometown to 1500ish accounts in 6 states. We've expanded from having a 3,000 bbl per year capacity to 13,000. We’ve gone from 3 employees to 14 employees.

    Devil's Harvest and Suzy B cans have been rebranded three times, and Ben has tweaked those recipes more than you are aware... because if there is one thing owner Quinby Chunn has instilled in everyone that works here "leave well enough alone" and "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" are bullshit sayings. We've tinkered, we've played. We've added and subtracted. We've fallen on our faces and we've gone beyond our expectations. This experiment is still just as incredible now as it was 4 years ago.

    14 employees to make, brand and ship out great beer. 11 Distributors with all their employees and trucks to get it into the right accounts and events. 1500+ accounts to stock it up for you to buy it. And all the countless consumers to buy it, drink it, blog it, Untappd it, rate it, #soprobrewco hashtag it, buy it again. It feels good.

    Instead of our yearly Anniversary Party, we are holding out until July 1st -- when HB1322 goes into effect and we call sell you beer! We will celebrate with a few new IPAs that you'll be able to take home and drink here. (I'm sitting next to Ben Green mumbling to himself in front of a computer and 4 notebooks, as he goes over one of the recipes for the 100th time). We will pull some brews out of the cellar and from our wild ale program we've been sitting on for well over a year. Great food. New swag. A newly renovated courtyard. It's going to be a showdown, and you're invited.

    Heartfelt rant/statistics coming to an end, we would like to raise a glass and thank everyone who's supported us since they found out about us -- and give a special cheer to those who have supported us for 4 years and one day! The future is bright and full of a busy taproom, 6 great states to drink our beer in and many more IPAs, Saisons, Bourbon Barrel Aged Ales, Wild Ales and whatever else tickles our fancy and you buy.

    Full hearts from all of us here at Southern Prohibition Brewing.