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  • Selfie Destruct and the Full List of Beers on Tap July 1st

    Selfie Destruct: Ever progressing, ever pushing..... The mantra more, more, more. Where is the plateau of what the senses can achieve? We are not sure, but we would like to find out! We created the perfect pillowy soft, oat dominate malt vehicle for an onslaught of hop aroma and flavor. Hop bursted with Mosaic and Amarillo hops and fermented with our favorite new yeast strain  would be enough for most people, but we took this experience much further by adding a massive dry hop... twice. Simcoe, Cashmere and Mosaic double dry hop make this hop juice the largest to date. So on July 1st, take a moment and put down your damn phone and enjoy it while it's FRESH!

    One beer isn't enough? Check out our full list of beers available to consume on site for July 1st and be on the look out for more to-go beers like these 16oz cans of Selfie Destruct (limited 1 case per customer).