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  • After much deliberation, it is time to discontinue our year-round brand Jack the Sipper English ESB.

    “While adherence to tradition is key, we fundamentally believe in evolution.”

    This isn’t a quote made up to justify our discontinuation of Jack the Sipper, this is a quote you can find on our “About Us” page of our website – a blurb that has been on our page, unchanged, since 2015 because it still rings true to us as a growing and rapidly evolving company in a rapidly evolving industry. So it's a quote we already had to justify the discontinuation of Jack the Sipper.

    This brand was a great addition to our year-round portfolio when we added it in 2014, but as the consumer has changed in the Southeast and we have evolved as a company, we find it is time to focus on other fruitful brands in our repertoire, and streamline our focus of core brands.

    To our tried and true Jack the Sipper drinkers out there: We are sorry, and we hope you have already found another beer in our portfolio to enjoy time and time again.


    So if you see the last shipments we sent out over the last few months, grab a 6 pack and raise a glass to the things to come.

    Cheers from all of us here at Southern Prohibition Brewing.