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  • Oxidation

    When we have problems at Southern Prohibition Brewing we try to fix them, but we try to grow and learn from them as well. Problems are opportunities for us to better our craft and process, and learning how to handle them and correct them help us grow as a company. Sharing our issues, results, and triumphs with our customer base is extremely important to our self-growth and we want you along for the ride as we become the best brewery we can be.

    We received a complaint that some of the most recent batch of Selfie Destruct had a few cans hit the market with oxidation issues, so we would like to take this opportunity to share with you what that means and what we are doing to correct it.

    While oxygen is vital for most of Earth’s life forms, it has no place in post-fermentation beer. Darkening, diacetyl, dullness, and loss of aroma are all potential side effects of O2 pick-up. We work very hard to keep it away from our beer between fermentation and packaging, but unfortunately, some is sneaking in to a few cans somewhere in our packaging process. The hazy IPAs we love are especially sensitive to O2, and a little bit of it can turn something beautiful into a drain pour. Our beer never goes into the can as the darkened, dull beer described – these changes happen post-packaging. So, upon being notified of the issue, we opened 12 random cans of Selfie and found one bad one.

    This problem is NOT affecting every can of the hoppy, hazy IPAs we have released, but in our eyes we have to treat it like it is. O2 pick-up is not only unacceptable for the standards we have set for ourselves and our product, but it is unacceptable for the consumers paying a premium price for these aromatic 16-ounce jewels.


    Our solutions:  First and foremost, we have made a sizeable investment in a D.O. meter, which can test our products on the spot for dissolved oxygen throughout different stages in the beer’s life, and help us move forward with confidence in our product and process. Beyond that, we are taking steps to ensure O2 is not being picked up throughout the canning stages. We are increasing the rate of testing protocols and cutting down on any O2 exposure we find possible in the process, no matter how outlandish. Additionally, we are adding some parts to our canning line to further ensure a quality product.

    We would like to not only take this moment to apologize to the customers who received one of the random bad cans, but ask that you reach out to us at or through our Facebook messenger to make it right and let us know of any issues. We believe that all the steps we have taken to date have made the difference in our quality assurance, and we can confidently say we now have some of the tightest protocols possible in our industry. However, we want as much data as possible, and we’re looking for 50 people to help us test our upcoming IPA, Star Seed, for O2 pick-up as well. The first 50 people to email us at will be given one 4-pack of Star Seed on the release date, Saturday, November 18th – to pick up at your convenience, with ability to purchase more when you get here. We will give you an instruction sheet with your 4 marked cans, and we ask that you take photos when you pour this beer and email them to us with tasting notes and the can number.

    Cheers and thanks for exploring our products as we explore making them.


    The Team at Southern Prohibition Brewing