Not all IPAs are the same. Not all IPAs are equal. This yearly IPA Series takes the consumer year to year on a different adventure with a different IPA. One small window in a year for one glorious IPA, never to be seen again... 

2014 IPA • 7.4% ABV

A West Coast inspired American IPA. Aggressive American hops are showcased in the flavor and aroma of this interpretation. A full body coats the mouth with sticky fruit flavors followed by a punch of hop aroma thanks to extensive dry hopping.


2015 IPA • 7.7% ABV

Features an up-front hop bite with tropical and pine flavors creeping throughout. Finishing dry and bright with a lingering sticky flavor.


2016 IPA • 5.4% ABV

A dry-hopped session IPA showcasing Galaxy and El Dorado hops.


2017 IPA • 6.2% ABV

A murky, golden hop bomb. Strong pine and citrus aroma, with pineapple and peach dominating the nose thanks to the large dosage of Centennial and Denali hops. Flavors of pine, grapefruit dankness and tropical fruit are surrounded by a moderate bitterness with a clean finish. Sticky yet refreshing.